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Jordan Zimmerman’s Experience with Tommy John’s Surgery

My first post was about how Stephen Strasburg has struggled and overcame his challenges with Tommy John’s surgery. Now I am going to focus on Jordan Zimmerman’s experience with the surgery.

Jordan Zimmerman, a successful 23 year old pitcher at the time claimed he was experiencing a tightness, which is a common symptom of tommy john’s disease. (cite: http://www.federalbaseball.com/2009/8/10/984608/jordan-zimmermann-+-tommy-john). He was scheduled to miss roughly 18 months of the season. Because he had the surgery at such a young age and the recovery period was not that long of a time, he was able to have his whole career still in front of him.

He returned in full for this season. There were no issues until the end of the season where fans noticed he was getting tired after four or five innings. I went to a game in July and he started to get sloppy with his pitching around the fifth inning. It looked as if he was tired. Even though this is how long pitchers normally stay in, he was throwing sporadically. A person does not really fully recover from this surgery until he has the full range of motion for a continued period of time where he is able to return to his full potential.

Jordan Zimmerman and Stephen Strasburg and the backbone of the Nationals bullpen. With both of them now returned and healthy the Nationals are on the upward trend. Their records have gotten better and both pitchers have made progress. His last start of the season was on August 28 (due to his continued recovery from Tommy John’s Surgery), against the Cincinati Reds, making his current ERA 3.14 for the season. (cite: http://www.rotoworld.com/player/mlb/5511/player?r=1). His ERA before his surgery was 4.63 (cite: http://www.rotoworld.com/player/mlb/5511/player?r=1). Which means his stats have gotten better due to the surgery.

Over the next several years we will see the Nationals develop into a team that is successful (hopefully) if they continue in the direction they are headed. Having healthy players and decent players contribute to the success of the ball club. Even though Zimmerman’s record was not very good this year, he will improve every year as he fully regains the strength in his pitching arm.

Jordan Zimmerman